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The #1 way to attract new customers!

VIP Birthday Club

predictable & reliable


The VIP Birthday Club is the #1 Way To Attract New Customers to your restaurant, night club, brewery, winery etc.

* Perpetual Exposure: Every week 3,500 - 4,000 new people are exposed to your restaurant!

* New Customers: In a predictable and reliable way, get new customers walking through your doors every week

* Become THE Destination Spot and outpace your competition

* Long Term ROI: Build a list of raving fans to invite them back whenever you want

* Trackable: This isn't "hope marketing" ... you will know exactly how much revenue you are generating 


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Night Clubs


Breweries & Wineries

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Case Studies:

Case Study #1

Private Client: Iowa, USA


Client averages 68 customers per week from this promotion from friends of those who have a birthday. Average customer spend: $28

Average Gross Sales: $99,008 (in one calendar year)

Case Study #2

Private Client: Illinois, USA

Menu: American

Average Ticket per Person: $27

Month 1: April 12-30, 2019


39 Redemptions

157 "Butts in Seats"

Month 2: May 1-31, 2019


49 Redemptions

185 "Butts in Seats"

Month 3: June 1-30, 2019


51 Redemptions

195 "Butts in Seats"

Total in 2.6 Months


537 "Butts in Seats"

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